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For the millions of American homeowners living in the coastal regions of the United States, facing a hurricane poses a potentially devastating financial risk that most are unprepared for. Each year, flooding alone causes approximately $2 billion of property damage, not to mention the devastation caused by high winds and rain. Despite these risks, however, only 14% of Americans have actually purchased flood insurance to protect their property, and even fewer have comprehensive hurricane insurance.

While the threat of hurricanes might be an unavoidable fact of life for those owning beachfront and coastal property, the financial losses accompanying those storms can be minimized with proper insurance coverage. Selecting the right type of hurricane coverage at the right price isn't always easy, however, because unfortunately there is no single policy that covers all potential hurricane damage. If your home is not near the coast, your hurricane coverage might be as simple as having a homeowners policy, while those in a flood plane often require a separate flood policy to supplement their homeowners insurance, and finally those on the coast may need an altogether separate windstorm policy. Here at Hurricane Insurance .com, you'll find a great assortment of resources to assist you in selecting the right combination of homeowners, flood, and windstorm policies, so that you can cheaply but effectively protect your home against hurricane damage.

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